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INDIVIDUAL: Provides support to the Museum for operations and projects for the year. This membership offers you free admission to the Museum for 2023. $ 35.00

FAMILY: Provides support for the year to the Museum for operations and projects. This membership entitles you and your immediate family free admission to the Museum for 2023. $ 60.00

INDIVIDUAL LIFE MEMBERSHIPS: Provides a lifetime of support to the Museum for operations and projects. You receive free individual admission for LIFE. $300.00

FAMILY LIFE MEMBERSHIPS: Provides a lifetime of support to the Museum for its operations and projects.  You receive free admission for LIFE. $500.00


LEVEL 1: Supports the Museum for 2023 and entitles you to a Membership Window Decal showing your support and one (1) free Museum admissions to hand out to your customers. $70.00

LEVEL 2: Supports the Museum for 2023 and entitles you to a Membership Window Decal, Website Listing, and three (3) free Museum admissions to hand out to your customers. $130.00

LEVEL 3: Provides a Substantial Contribution for our 2023 operations and projects and entitles you to a Membership Window Decal, Website Listing, and five (5) free Museum admissions to hand out to your customers. $250.00

BUSINESS LIFE MEMBERSHIP: This membership offers you the ability to provide one time support to the Museum. This entitles you to a Life Membership Certificate, Website Listing, and five (5) free admissions to the Museum annually. $600.00

ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTION to help us meet our DAY-TO-DAY expenses. These donations are greatly appreciated, whether you become a member, already are a member for life, or wish to go above and beyond the membership fee. 

Questions?  Contact our President, Grant Houston at 970-944-2515.


Please make checks payable to: Hinsdale County Historical Society or HCHS and mail to: PO Box 353, Lake City, CO 81235 

2023 Business Members

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Lifetime Business Members

  • Climb Elevated Eatery (Jerry and Linda Johnson/Lovegreen)
  • Hall Realty, Inc (Jeff and Danielle Worthen) – joined 2014
  • Highlander Campground (Don Campbell)
  • K. L. Breeden & Sons, LLC – joined 2021
  • Lake City Area Medical Center
  • Lake City Chamber of Commerce – joined 1999
  • Miners and Merchants Bank – joined 2012
  • Slumgullion Gift Gallery (Joe Fox)
  • WEBCO (Gene Brown)

Lifetime Individual Members

  • John C. Abbott
  • Kye Abraham
  • Jane Berryhill
  • Faye Bielser
  • Patricia Lynn Breene
  • Edward Breitehbach
  • Margaret Cummings Brown
  • George Carey
  • Web Carr
  • Edith M. Cather
  • John Cather
  • S. Coffin
  • Darrylin Coleman
  • George Cummings
  • Sally Vickers David
  • Wilma Deen
  • Nick DiLorenzo
  • Ed Discenza
  • Alec DuChene
  • Ruth (Darley) Ellsworth
  • Terry Finn
  • Calvin Fisher
  • W. R. Goddard
  • Lisa Grantham
  • Norma Grantham
  • Ken Grantham Jr.
  • Alice E. Green
  • David Green
  • Virginia Green
  • John A. Guthrie
  • Carolyn Hall
  • Ruthanna Hall
  • Monte Hannah
  • Jack Hanson
  • Patricia Lynn Harmon
  • Mary Ellen Hartje
  • Herman T. Heath
  • Carole Hill
  • Grant Houston
  • Bob Inge
  • Jack Johnson
  • Thomas W. Keffler
  • Robert Ketchum
  • Stan Kimball
  • H. Ward Lay
  • Robert D. Lindner
  • Joanne Mallet
  • Mary McGlothlin
  • Ken Meredith
  • A. Reynolds Morris
  • Milo Morse
  • Dorothy D. Mulford
  • Anne Mullin
  • Tom Murphy
  • James O’Neil
  • Eileen Olander
  • Linda Pavich
  • Michelle Pierce
  • Margaret Pitney
  • Howard Price
  • Donald L Rodewald
  • James C. Rowe
  • Margaret Maurer Rowe
  • James Ryan
  • J. R. Sholund
  • Charles D. Snyder
  • Robert Stultz
  • Fern Stultz
  • Charlotte Trego
  • George Urquhart
  • Lester “Babe” Vickers
  • Scott  Voss
  • William Weems
  • Pamela Weems
  • Bill Wiggins
  • Douglas L. Williams
  • Joanne Williams
  • John P. Wilson
  • Joe Zimmerman

Lifetime Family Members

  • James and Martha Jane Anthony
  • Robert and Leah Baugh
  • Tim and Phoebe Bax
  • Becky Beedy
  • Robert and Kristina Berquist
  • Bette Birdsong
  • Ray and Anna Blaum
  • Doug and Judy Bostwick
  • Wynne and Liddy Breeden
  • David and Ann Brown
  • Gordon and Mary Sue Brown
  • David and Kay Cherry
  • Don Craig
  • Walter and Priscilla Darley
  • Alease C. and William S. Dawson
  • Michael DeHuff
  • Michael and Jan Eastman
  • Joe Foran
  • Hector and Pamela Gomez
  • William and Ursula Graham
  • Greg and Diane Graham
  • Robert, Danette, and Joshua Grauberger
  • Dan and Marian Hall
  • Bob and Janis Sudduth Harris
  • Dudley and Jenny Hartman
  • Charles and Christina Hastings
  • Bruce and Parry Heath
  • Gary and Sandy Henry
  • Glenn and Susan Heumann
  • George and Lonnie Hoffman/Sweet
  • Beatrice Huddleston
  • Paul and Lynn Hudgeons
  • Larry and Linda Iiams
  • Morgan and Ronna Jones/Reed
  • Bill and Penny Kastendieck
  • Deb and John Knoeckel
  • John Longan
  • Dana Lozano
  • Lewell and Patsy Martin
  • Dorothy Monnet
  • Charles Monnet
  • Kathy Moseley
  • Ed and Mary Nettleton
  • Larry and Joan Nieman
  • John and Sue Ann Paulus
  • Bill and Teresa Pippin
  • Dan and Anita Plies
  • Ted and Kim Powell
  • Margaret and Ronald Ray
  • Bill and Mary Reinhardt
  • Jim and Pat Rhinehart
  • Charlie Rhodes
  • Steve and Susan Robinson
  • Alan and Ann Robson
  • Harley and Caryl Rudofsky
  • Scott and Chay Runnels
  • Art and Susie Sample
  • Charles and Sadie Seay
  • Dr. Carl and Margaret Seemann
  • Scottie and Marcella Shafar
  • Shannon and Connie Smith
  • F. Howard Smith
  • Stacy Steinbeck
  • John and James Stuemky/Brand
  • Celia and Joel Swank
  • Tom and Jane Swanson
  • Phil and Carolyn Virden
  • Bruce and Bev Wagner
  • Mort and Cecelia Weir
  • Claire and Jim Woodcock